Weezer - Troublemaker

Ash Akhtar 22/09/2008

Rating: 0.5/5

Perennial, troubled teenager Rivers Cuomo returns to take up the helm of good ship Weezer with a satirical swipe at rock n' roll dreams. Well, I think that's what he'd like us to believe. However, this docile, two-chord playground kick-about song seems to me nothing more than a vehicle to cash in on the current rhythm-game fascination. The game Rock Band appears to feature at least four songs licensed from Weezer, of which Troublemaker is one.

So, if you own Rock Band, you can download and play along to this single before it's even commercially released. I apologise if my cynicism offends, but since when did musicians start writing songs specifically for games? Troublemaker is Weezer's excuse for children and middle-aged men to 'play' plastic instruments and sing along to mindless lyrics that are supposed to ironically reflect their beliefs. Gone are the signature overfuzzed guitars and lyrical adventure; now replaced by this plodding, unvarying substandard noise.

Frankly, I would rather listen to Nickelback's Rockstar, with its sense of humour and amusing video. Wow - what a concept, Rivers - a funny video and a song with a sense of humour? But, you don't care 'bout that - no, not any more.

Release date: 29/09/09