Josh Weller - Pretty Girls

Max Flintoff 26/02/2008

Rating: 2/5

We all know the feeling, A pretty girl who treats you terribly but gets away with it because she's pretty. Josh Weller is like everybody else, this has happened to him and he felt so inspired by it that he decided to write a song. This makes me wonder that if he was so passionate about this girl then where is the passion in his music, the passion in his voice. Overall this single is very flat and monotonous, there's nothing exciting to it.

That said, the music is quite catchy and you may well find yourself tapping your feet along with it but it's very simple and as Weller is a self taught guitarist you wonder how much he really learnt. The lyrics are mostly repeated throughout the song as well, with very little variation or distinction between the verses and the chorus, it might just be me but I like a strong chorus that you can remember and not one with gimmicky lyrics thrown in about Marks and Spencer. There are in fact a great many gimmicky lyrics in this song and it makes you wonder whether Weller is in fact a gimmick, his last tour the Under the Stairs tour was played primarily in fan's garages or in cupboards under their stairs. His next tour sounds equally absurd, he'll play at tourist attractions, film it then do a video review of the tourist attraction itself then post all the videos on the internet. Now I know that most people would prefer a tour where they could actually go and see the artist/s in a venue that is made for gigging and not at a busy tourist attraction in what seems to be a rather elaborate joke. Don't get me wrong I highly approve of trying out new ideas but I feel that maybe Josh Weller is trying to be a little bit too post-modern for today's music world.

However, the track itself is bearable and probably worth a listen but by the time you get to the b-side, called Circus you'll wonder why you bothered.