Emmet - In/Out

Thomas 07/11/2005

Rating: 3/5

Third full length outing for North West button-pushers that makes me want to pick up my toolkit, finish that Time Machine and go clubbing through the last two decades, such is the surprisingly wide range of styles contained within.

Hints of Blue Monday-era New Order are the closest you'll get to indie-land here as this is very much a dancefloor record, which warms itself up with some shimmying in the bar for its first half before dropping enough pills to stun a horse and banging its way into the small hours for the second.

'Big Daddy' sounds like some forgotten mid-90's club monster (complete with what may well be a nabbed Ray Winstone sample) while the Eastern flourishes of 'Sugar' take you away to some cool balcony across from a crowded spice market. A dance record for all seasons; sunny days, dark nights and strobe lights, if not for those who blanch at anything not involving an ironic guitar solo or an icy Frenchman.