Foals - Cassius

Matt Harrold 15/03/2008

Rating: 4/5

2008 should really just be referenced as 2000 & Foals seeing as they're one of the most hyped bands of the year. You'd half expect them to be able to leap tall building with a single bound, be faster then a speeding bullet and...oh, wait that's Superman isn't it? Needless to say though there's a lot of kids out in the land of ubber indie cool who secretly waiting for Foals to change their lives and bring peace to all mankind, or at least produce one of the albums of the year with their obscure lyrics, afro-maths beat and ability to tease a pop tune out of the most unlikely of place.

Though Cassius isn't a mark on their floor filling 'Hummer' it is the kind of song you'd think, nay, expect a label to release prior to an albums release. See it's everything that's needed to expose those unsuspecting masses to without having them run for cover. For as much as earlier releases were stonkingly good they didn't have the appeal to move beyond the chin stroking clique. So in 'Cassius ' we have the Foals lite - Yes there's still the saxophones screaming “We're experimental, no back lash please!” and the tempo is still jaunty, bouncing along like a homeless man on crack - it just feels more constrained and less likely to blow up in your face, and at the end of the day don't we all love a good explosion?

Release Date: 10/03/08