John Foxx & The Maths - Destination/September Town

TC 28/06/2010

Rating: 3/5

John Foxx has been a significant player in the world of electronica since way before it was called such. He was the lead vocalist in Ultravox prior to Midge Ure stepping in and has been party to numerous collaborations with such notables as Brian Eno and Gary Numan. This latest project sees him partnering analog synthesiser guru Ben Edwards, better known on the circuit as Benge.

Amidst the mass of electro fodder being pedalled still, this double A does stand out as having a little more class, as you might expect. There is a clear feel of the eighties about it, so doesn't essentially break any new ground. What it does serve to illustrate though is where electro separates itself from synth pop. Whilst there is an essential element of commerciality to both songs, it is delivered with something of a sinister edge. Destination features characteristic vaporised vocals, propped up by a mechanical hollow beat, whilst September Town has a moody delivery and more robotic in terms of the core beat. Both tunes are infectious without becoming an irritant and keep Foxx at the head of the pack as he approaches his 63rd birthday.