They Came From Stars (I Saw Them) - Moon Song

TC 23/01/2009

Rating: 1/5

I'm going to get slated here, I just know it, but this is frankly awful! Taken from their debut album, this is next in line to get released in single format with a bucket full of remixes to accompany it. Seven mixes to be precise and lasting 55 bloody minutes but, painfully, I stuck to the task.

'Moon Song' is weak, which isn't a solid basis and a couple of the remixes do give it a little something extra but sadly not the complete makeover it needs.

TCFSIST have created a definable image and like to classify themselves as performing in the psychedelic arena. Like so many others, they follow in the path of MGMT but I think they were overrated too. I've not heard the album and, after this, don't intend to squander any more time on them, but the fact that the album contains one track lasting 25 minutes is enough to make even the most devoted cringe a little surely? Bizarre Magazine have called this “Beautiful, poetic, creeping chaos” I say- “shambolic, unadventurous, worthless dribble.” Ok, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!