The Bridge Gang - Demo

Tim Miller 24/02/2005

Rating: 4/5

If the point of a demo is to grab the attention with something that will make a listener damn well sit up and listen, then The Bridge Gang have produced once which should set a benchmark for unsigned bands everywhere.
The untitled 4 track EP starts with London Sky Tonight, an opening track simply oozing with quality. Though it's sort of Strokes-y, there's so much more. Clever chord changes, a superb vocal performance, and an overall atmosphere which makes London Sky Tonight put a smile on your face. It's just brilliant; you'll have to listen to it.
Punchy is the buzzword for track Sarah's Brother. The tightly packed guitar and drums jump around like mosquitoes on a bouncy castle, and, with a great little guitar lick after each chorus, this fine second track is every bit as infectious as the first.
Tracks 3 and 4, The Gallery and Pangs of Guilt, don't quite match up to the initial standard; The Gallery is a more angsty affair, admittedly with a nice chugging riff, while the guilt in Pangs of Guilt may stem from its reliance on an average 3-chord verse. Both, however, are very catchy again, and by this time the damage has been well and truly done. The Bridge Gang's demo is, at last, something different and fresh, with songs to put some prominent artists to shame. It must be onwards and upwards from here.