Hair Traffic Control - These Are The Dogs in My Life EP

Tom Blackburn 28/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Anyone who's taken an interest in British indie rock over the last 18 months or so will no doubt be well aware that there's been no shortage of indie-emo outfits in thrall to the Kinsella brothers et al. Well if you, like me, still can't get enough of that sort of thing, here's another name to add to the list.

Questionably-monikered Norwich trio Hair Traffic Control have been delivered an tuneful 15 minutes or so of hooky math-rock, all rubbery basslines and jangly guitars, taking in the usual array of indiemo influences from American Football to the Promise Ring with a dash of Faraquet and Meet Me in St Louis thrown in for good measure.

The EP gets off to a solid start with the instantly catchy pop-punk of opener 'Thanks For the Beer', but it's the more introspective moments here that really shine. 'Are We Not Reasonable People?' is a fragile delight whilst 'The One With the Brutal Face Pounding' is the real highlight here. Starting out like the more hyperactive twin of Hot Club De Paris' 'Clockwork Toy', it's a rollercoaster of spazzy guitars and intricate drumming before drifting to a wistful halt.

It's nothing revolutionary but These Are the Dogs in My Life certainly stands out amongst the legions of bands trying to do a similar sort of thing. A promising start indeed - hopefully they'll build on it.