Scritti Politti - The Boom Boom Bap

Alex Worsnip 14/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

Once purveyors of scratchy post-punk, the one man machine that is Scritti Politti has now long since turned its attention to surprisingly polished, hi-fi pop. Some have hailed this as a magical transformation, but I'm afraid my love of multi-tracked pop harmonies and warm synth pads is not great enough to justify such a position myself. 'The Boom Boom Bap' never really gets started, but has a slightly saccharine production that gives it the feel of an attempt at launching a solo career by a minor singer who originally featured namelessly on some European trance hit. It's actually not quite that bad, but the matchup of understated melody and overstated production has never been a good one. For something truly scary, check it B-side 'Hands Up', a remnant of frontman Gartside's venture a few years ago into gangster rap, truly a match made in hell.