Delphic - The Momentary

Nick Lewis 00/00/0000

Rating: 4/5

Picture it: you're in Ibiza, it's the 1990's, you're in a club and you've just dropped ecstasy for the first time. The music is clean, trebly hi-hats, swirling synth pads, insistent bass drums, cold, emotionless, breathy vocals chanting the same stanza over and over. Just as you start to rush, the drums build up into a flurry that reminds you of Born Slippy by Underworld. Then you come up and it's bliss. You start chatting and before you know it the Sun has risen.

That's what this sounds like.

But here's the thing. It's not as rubbish as that might sound. It's actually really good. The synths are that little bit cleaner and blippier than they were in the 90's, just enough to make it sound current, Delphic have clearly been paying attention to the development of dance music since: certain sounds bear the mark of the minimalist techno emanating out of Germany, others the influence of Air - it is much more sophisticated than dance music from last decade.

Anyway, emulating 90's dance music in our current 80's obsessed times sounds positively futuristic and Delphic do it with an indie sensibility similar to Bloc Party, it doesn't feel as shallow as 'pure' dance music. More importantly, with its persistent chant of “let's do something real” the song really does capture the feeling of being wasted with your friends, feeling happy and confident that you, yes you can change the world for the better. More records should make you feel this way.

The Radioproof remix is absolutely brilliant too.

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