Goldspot - Friday

Louise Evans 21/08/2007

Rating: 0/5

Some songs scream of summer; it could be their infectious poppiness that makes everything sunnier or then there are those that instantly strike you as one of the songs that you'll hear blaring out of open car windows over and over as radio stations put them on heavy rotation. Goldspot would seem to have the qualities required to make themselves attractive to the airwaves.

'Friday' reeks of US teen drama with its bright melodies and uplifting lyrics, but in the real world it is utterly soulless and offensively bland. With singer Siddhartha Khosla claiming to mix the influence of bands such as The Cure and The Smiths into Goldspot's music, you would have hoped for a little more substance. As it is the mixture of half-hearted vocals and uninspired instrumentation is lightweight and forgettable. If you have a love of the type of music that can only come from the west coast of America then this may appeal, but most people should aim to avoid this.

Released Aug 6th