Shy Child - Noise Won't Stop

Paul Cook 12/05/2007

Rating: 4/5

Dance music has felt the harsh test of time of late. Repetitive beats and oh-so-similar melodies begin to tire and sometimes it feels as if the eighties just won't go away. Reincarnated again and again, sometimes in tracks as literal as Calvin Harris' 'Acceptable in the Eighties.' Shy Child has managed to avoid the trap with an eclectic, electro-pop genre of their very own. With a sci-fi, fantasy soundscape and pulsating rhythm throughout, 'Noise Won't Stop' is immediately catchy, encompassing and captivating.

Conjuring up the image of some futuristic Citro├źn morphing into a dancing robot the pounding drums and electronic synth-sounds fuse together effortlessly. For a band with only two members Shy Child manage to achieve an awful lot. Thoughtful, contemporary song-writing, despite the lack of many lyrics and a perfected mix of club-dance style bass lines and retro pop-synth melodies the New-Yorkers are an unusually popular and innovative American dance-export.

However, the problems lie therein. 'Noise Won't Stop' is not an instant classic, nor is it a definitive modern track. Some of it feels stuck in a dreadful decade of leg-warmers and strange hair-cuts and some of it feels as if it is ahead of it's time. Shy Child are hot on the heels of bands like the Klaxons and fellow New-Yorkers LCD Soundsystem, and despite these few minor imperfections 'Noise Won't Stop' could easily find itself flying up the charts with its energetic funky rhythm and unique electro-melodies.