Tiny Dancers - Ashes and Diamonds

Paul Cook 21/08/2007

Rating: 4/5

After the release of the delightful, yet underachieving 'Free School Milk' album, the unique Tiny Dancer, release their third single, an electrically charged tale of the pains and joys of love, in 'Ashes and Diamonds.'

'Ashes and Diamonds' is a gently soaring, poignant mixture of wistful instrumentals, David Kay's vocals lending themselves perfectly to a poppy, country-tinged ballad. The rootsy-Yorkshire rockers take some getting used to as they stand out from the overcrowded indie scene with their unlikely rock/country/pop style but in 'Ashes and Diamonds', at least, the harmonies and melodies are spot on with the moving lyrics and this band's ability at creating atmosphere and mood is distinctive.

Kay's vocals and Etherington's guitar make this one of the best tracks on Tiny Dancers' debut album and despite lacking the catchy, summery ebb and flow of what we have come to know and love from the Yorkshire 5-piece, 'Ashes and Diamonds' is a refreshingly emotional addition to the contemporary pop-rock scene.

Release date: 20th August