Bloc Party - Flux

Charlie Southwell 29/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

Bloc Party's new single 'Flux', is a strong powered electro ballad that simmers nicely on the right side of the jaunty pop that is now expected of them. It's where the most ardent of fans probably will filter away and shout out about the band selling out, changing as the industry changes, it's much more accessible than the previous long player. It may just be a standalone release, but let's hope it's a glimpse into what is to come. With a physical release and a covermount on the NME, the single is destined for good things.

'Flux' is undoubtedly still Bloc Party, despite being what is almost a euphoric dance tune, but showcases the bands fondness of electronic music, a strong chorus and memorable hook. The one big surprise about this release and one that will make diehard fans question the band is the distinct lack of guitars. It is set for trendy indie discotheques all along the land, with its searing synth lines. Best of all its music you can dance to without jumped up remixes, although there will be some huge remixes doing the rounds, it's almost unnecessary.

Produced by Jacknife Lee, it's no surprise then that Flux sounds like a good mix of his previous project's dancier moments; Kasabian and U2, whilst retaining the credibility of a creative and true indie[pendant] band. What is most surprising however is that they didn't go in this direction with the second album in the first place. Away from the expansive and more creative sounds then, back to straight pop anthems, way forward? I think so.