The Hundred Days - Miniluv

Mike Hughes 13/09/2010

Rating: 3/5

This is the debut EP by San Francisco foursome The Hundred Days. Apparently named after the time they gave themselves to get things together and find their indie-pop voice, this is their debut EP Miniluv.

In a tradition now partly historic, this EP is something of a concept record - leading through the stages of a relationship. It starts with 'Out Of Nowhere' and immediately has a pleasing sound, albeit one that is very reminiscent of The Killers' 'Mr Brightside'. That's not a bad thing, in fact the band's own PR proudly cites this as a comparison.

The good part of that Killers spirit is the plaintive tone of the male side of relationships, filled to the brim with jangly guitars. It progresses through the joyous mid section of 'Spin' - a tale of courtship and going out dancing despite a cold night.

Things in this little love story then seem to turn sour, ending track 'Silver And Gold' asks our hero's erstwhile to answer "one last question". I think we've all been there at some time - better to have loved and lost and all those other trite 'never mind' emotions.

This is a solid debut and one that bears more than one repeated spin on the stereo, but ultimately there is nothing tremendously new here, despite the grandiose delivery. I'll be waiting to hear something more substantial from The Hundred Days. That'll presumably be along in another three months and ten days then.