The Holloways - Two Left Feet 07

Matt Churchill 24/09/2007

Rating: 3/5

The Holloways re-release 'Two Left Feet' off the back of the successful (again) re-release of 'Generator' and their 'Summer Holloways' Seaside Tour.

The track has been re-mixed and is now available in a variety of different packages that include exclusive B-Sides and the now vital Download format. It would be a little pointless to re-review the track as it has already been widely in the public domain, so this is a good opportunity to compare the two mixes of the original and current release.

As a whole, the song sounds much brighter and clearer, with particular thought going into the guitars and vocals. It is however most noticeably the fiddle part and drums which have had the most treatment, with the four stringed instrument alot cleaner sounding and obvious in the mix, with the skinned instrument given a hefty boost in the treble department that leaves the hi-hat and rack toms alot easier to hear.

A strong catchy song that needs no introduction, 'Two Left Feet' went down well at the V festival and the band will no doubt benefit from having the song given a fresh lease of life.