The Ordinary Boys - I Luv U

Charlie Southwell 16/01/2007

Rating: 1/5

First things first, what is up with the text language title? “I Luv U” is neither groundbreaking nor modern either lyrically or musically. That said it's a contrast from the band's previous releases, being their first ballad. Their press release says it tries to avoid sounding like every other cliché. "I love you, you know that don't you?" Needless to say, with such a generic chorus, it fails.

The whistling over the third verse, is just a further example of Preston struggling to find the words to describe how he feels, or was he just trying to save an extra 10p during the writing of the song? The backing vocals are Beach Boy-esque, but tastelessly done, if this is an example of how much love Preston has to give, then I wouldn't bother with him. This single seems to be symbolic of Preston and Chantelle's marriage zooming onto Heats front covers off the back of last year's Big Brother, following an imminent divorce, maybe they'll do that twice for the magazines too.

In this time saving, celebrity obsessed world, Preston and co find themselves vying for publicity at the hands of magazine readers, I Luv U seems rushed to say the least. Not hugely well thoughout, its neither catchy or heart meltingly emotional. Maybe the Ordinary Boys just spent more time on the rest of the songs, or maybe Preston is busy shacked up with his Essex bird, choking on his words, trying to tell her exactly what he thinks of her.

Released: Jan 15th 2007