HERMAN DüNE - I Wish That I Could See You

Bill Cummings 08/02/2007

The first single from the album “GIANT” by the underground band HERMAN DüNE is “I Wish That I Could See You”, released in the UK on March 26th 2007.
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According to the blurb: "'I Wish That I Could See You' is the true definition of a feel good record. Telling the story of a new love found and the hopes and fears that go hand in hand with uncertainty and the desperate buzz of the lovestruck, it's something we can all relate to and at once empathise with.

Referencing the former glories of the likes of Van Morrison and Jonathan Richman, 'I Wish That I Could See You' has a warm and comforting feel. As we move from March into April and the spring begins in earnest, the change of season could almost be a metaphor for the changes David and Ivan are singing about. Stepping blissfully from the cold into the warmth, winter into spring."

Praise for Herman Düne's album GIANT:

“Sounding like they've been poring over old Jonathan Richman records in the 18 months since last LP Not On Top, Herman Dune have hit on a new sound…all in, their best yet” UNCUT

“They just keep getting better. On their 10th album in eight years, Herman Dune have folkish whimsy down to such a fine art that 'Giant' glides as effortlessly as a bicycle into a freshly tarmacked driveway.” THE FLY

“Lushly recorded live in tune, on time and in handsome hi-fi in a mystical part of North Wales where giants roam, the new album is an exquisite exponent in folk exotica, a type of soul food. Every track is a witty trek with classic, bearded chaps discerning the world in a funky fashion.” PLAN B

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