The Piney Gir County Roadshow - Great Divide

Thomas 01/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

Love the idea of country music but get put off by the drawling
accents or sickly production? Then read on, because Piney Gir's got a present for you. Here's a clue, it's not the A-side 'Great Divide', a mid-paced song which wraps coursing, fluid pedal steel and fiddle around Piney's vocals, which sound a touch nasal as she tells tales of “pitstops in Colorado” and “never goin' back”, as it's certainly pleasant but only seems like the warm up for what comes next.

Because it's 'Trouble' on the flip that's the gem; a sparkling,
hip-shimmying, smile-inducing little riot of a song that introduces us to country music that shakes, rattles AND rolls. All teasing hi-hat and coy whiskey-chaser lyrics, it's a simply irresistible song that grabs your hand and pulls you onto the dancefloor before you know what's hit you.

So, you heard about it here first, now go out and get a very limited 7” vinyl or we'll round up a posse for your sorry ass. Or something. GO!

Released on the 21st of August. You can listen to this ep here