The Peryls - Yet Death Will Seize The Doctor Too

Owain Paciuszko 29/12/2008

Rating: 4/5

With a touch of The Magnetic Fields by way of Beirut (the band not the country) The Peryls are an instantly appealing bunch, coming up with delightful tunes and arch lyrics. It's a record of two halves (and four tracks), opening with the dark but buoyant Bad Medicine, oompahing along off of an accordian, rattled tambourine and Norse ship drumbeat. There's a distinctive flavour of spooky lounge, reminiscent of Cardiff's Smokehand and the classical piece Danse Macabre. Second track Sky Falls Down has a whiff of quirky-defunct-popsters Mohair in its scatty, playful two minutes.

There's a gear change at this whimsical high-point and the second half of the record is a more sombre affair. Starting with Traitor's Tale, there's a wintry chill to the track perfectly befitting their alt-folk, and a host of strings carefully plucked towards a finale as warming as a hot mug of chocolate. Closing with Iron Man, the EP's weakest track, a soft folk-ballad with some nice violin but rather stilted in its sentiments elsewhere.

This second EP from the three-piece is a pleasing and apt record for these early nights and cold days.