The Gospel feat. Kira - Skating Your pool

Matt Churchill 10/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

Franz Ferdinand producer Tore Johansson and Danish singer Kira have come together to create a new 'genre defying' project. The Gospel, which includes Jens Linggard on bass and drummer Petter Lindgard as well as keyboardist Martin Gjerstad, are attempting to make music that has never before been recorded and to break down the boundaries of pop/indie/rock/dance etc.

With this effort, they may very well need to try a little harder. Whilst Kira's vocals are wonderful, they do nothing more than sound like PJ Harvey in her pomp, and making out the actual lyrics of the song can be a little bit harder than one would want, especially when searching for that elusive radio hit.

The music drapes itself around Kira's melodies in a sultry fashion, with a sexed-up slowly grinding drum pattern and bass riff. The song has no identifiable hook, but maybe this is the point, and could be the White Stripes slowed down to 30rpm if it wasn't for the female vocal.

No boundaries have been broken with this track, but given time and a little experimentation, it is possible that The Gospel and Kira could do something very very interesting.