Pulled Apart By Horses - Back To The Fuck Yeah

Hamish Gibson 09/07/2010

Rating: 3/5

Pulled Apart By Horses are so fucking hardcore. They have heavy riffs and have 'Fuck Yeah' in their song name and other stuff which just makes them so cool and hardcore to listen to. Yeah, hardcore.

Clich├ęs aside, 'Back To The Fuck Yeah' is alright. Their style has always been one with no real room for manoevure, where some bands band will blow people away, play some awesome live shows and then wither away into the paradox of self-plagiarism. But following on from last year's 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat', 'BTTFY' is actually a reasonable step forwards. It has the same heavy drive which they've become known for, but the professionalism of a band who have learned how to mature their sound and not just get carried away with the hype.

This song however has torn my musical tastes; it's structured and planned out with perfect precision, but it seems to have forgotten the pure force which made up PABH's earlier work. The drums are patient yet forceful, the guitars are executed in such a way that they almost take over as frontman from the vocals, which themselves define just how perfectly timed this entire song is.

Whether or not you'll like this song is dependant on one thing. When choosing your indie-metal crossover bands, do you want your music to be professional or passionate? If, like me, you prefer the latter, then I say stick to the original singles.

'Back to the Fuck Yeah' is out now on Transgressive Records.