New Vinyl - Makin It Easy

Matt Harrold 01/12/2008

Rating: 2/5

"You need viagra just to hear you squirt". I blink, once twice, a third time (just to be sure), and then hit the rewind button. Yes, I did hear right and it isn't my libido playing tricks on me. We do indeed have a reference to the little blue pill, and if it wasn't for the disturbing fact that New Vinyl sound like McFly growing up into a horrible parody of The Pigeon Detectives, I'd let them get away with it. Instead it just sounds like someone's inserted it to sound all grown up.'s a cock joke, innit?

So why start with the lyrics on the Bside <> you'll ask? Probably because that's as good as it gets. 'Makin It Easy' is one of those cheesey indie pop songs that sounds like the ADAH teenage version of The Jam discovering keyboards. But that's ok, because New Vinyl are class warrirors aren't they? "Another day in your town/ Another nine to five/Your breaking your back every day to pay the tax man/It doesn't make it right", see they're making a passionate plea to understand the tax burden of the working man. It's the anger man, THE ANGER! The thing is, we know exactly how it feels, it's just we don't feel the need to put it into lyrics that would fit on a Kaiser Chiefs Record.

Release Date: 1/12/08