Richard Wink 17/03/2010

Glaswegian dreamers Galleries deal in melodic post-rock, the soundtrack to the fading moments of a mushroom cloud. With their debut EP ready to be devoured by eager ears the band are hoping to catch fire and breakthrough in 2010.

Dave from Galleries kindly took some time to answer our questions.

Time is money. I'm a music fan armed with an IPod, and each and every day I'm getting bombarded by so much new music. Why should I use up a few precious moments of my time by listening to your band?

I hate the thought of being 'just another band', blending in to the background and drifting by the public conscious. We want people to hear us because we know given the chance we could blow them away. We aren't a band with an image or front, any particular ideals or gimmicks, so I guess we will just have to rely on our music and the music alone and hope it finds people in such a saturated industry.

How did Galleries come together?

Paul (guitars) and I have been making music together for a long time. The band and sound we've been making has evolved into what it is now- with Adam (bass) & Andy (drums) and I think we are finally chuffed with where we are. My song writing in the past has been quite... experimental and now Galleries has been formed I know what we are and what kind of music we like to make.

Tell us about that moment when you went from practicing in a rehearsal space to finally hitting the stage. Were you anxious at all? What advice would you give to new bands that are looking to play their first gigs?

Of course, we are a very anxious bunch of lads. We spent quite a bit of time keeping quiet and honing our craft in a rehearsal room, we also spent a year recording our debut EP without really a live show to be seen. So now we are finally out here playing shows and saying “Yeah, come and see what we can do”. It's scary but a lot of fun.

I'm in no position to give bands advice but I would say to any young scamp setting out on his or musical journey, beware its harder than GALLERIES make it look, and that when your mates come see you play they probably hate it even though they say you're great. Also find a sound you can comfortably call your own.

Girls don't dig it as much as they used to so don't bother.

Let's talk influences, the EP features some wonderfully epic moments. I'm loathed to call it post-rock, but your sound certainly touches upon that genre, bringing to mind the likes of Explosions In The Sky in terms of sonic exploration. Who inspires you?

As a band we don't actually listen to a huge amount of post-rock. Andy listens to everything-but, Adam enjoys his alt-rock, and Paul listens to old school metal and rockabilly (I am ashamed to say.) I used to listen to a lot of post-rock but grew tired of it after feeling the genre becoming stale. Maybe that's what we are trying to do, inject something new into a genre that can have so much power but so-little fresh ideas. I love a bit of pop music, so I would have to say our music is a mixture of Girls Aloud, Explosions in the Sky and rockabilly.

Daring to dream, what are your future hopes for Galleries?

We just hope people listen and we don't just die on our arse like so many bands. The dream is to play live to a crowd that cares, and make records that people are dying to hear.

Band photo by Shaun Murawski

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