Sons And Daughters - Darling

Ross Cunningham 19/12/2007

Rating: 4/5

After recently completing their first headline tour in around two and a half years, Scottish cult heroes Sons and Daughters return with yet another song that will have your feet tapping and pulse racing. "Darling" is the second single to be taken from forthcoming album "This Gift" which is scheduled for release on the 28/01/2008.

With a bassline reminiscent of The Jam, rolling drums and dark lyrical content "Darling" is a reminder of why it's great news that Sons and Daughters are back. Although perhaps not as immediate as previous single "Gilt Complex", "Darling" provides another slice of devilish sounding folk/punk that grows in its attraction with each listen. Scott Paterson's spiky lead guitar sound almost creates the imagery of a stabbing as Adele Bethel sings "twisting in, twisting out the knife". Sounding like a true Rock 'N' Roll queen and looking like a sexy vampiress, Adele's vocals are as strong as ever.

The title "Darling" takes inspiration from the 1965 film of the same name, in which Julie Christie portrayed an amoral model that uses her feminine charms to sleep her way to the top. In the end she is consumed and ultimately destroyed by the lifestyle she coveted so highly. Lyrics such as "remember what your mother said, try and use your heart not head" highlight the underlying theme of "Darling". While last single "Gilt Complex" was a commentary on modern day culture where money and publicity seems more important than having talent (X-Factor), "Darling" draws parallels with today's WAG phenomenon.

With a video that's full of fire, foxes and running make-up "Darling" will hopefully act as the perfect springboard to launch Sons and Daughters into 2008 with a bang. If there's any justice in the world then Sons and Daughters will have a top 40 hit on their hands. Who knows by the time "Darling" is released the world could have changed, Malcolm Middleton might have been Christmas number 1 and this might even go top 10. Very doubtful I know but it's nice to dream, it is Christmas after all.

“Darling” is released on the 14th of January