Morning Runner - Be All You Want Me To Be

Mike Mantin 24/10/2005

Rating: 3/5

Morning Runner have been compared to Coldplay (and supported them on their last UK tour), which has probably done a bit of damage to their indie cred already. They're the latest entrants in the big-sounding indie market, which is incredibly overcrowded, but they put up a decent fight for attention on this latest single. The stadium-sized pianos, high-pitched choruses and unremarkable lyrics (“I can see you in the dark, I can see you in the light”) all come worryingly close to Chris Martin and friends, but even though you have to work pretty hard to find a hint of originality, its inescapable catchiness makes 'Be All You Want Me To Be' likeable. But the fact that it would fit quite comfortably on 'X&Y' means they're going to have to work a bit harder to fight some of the apathy that will no doubt greet this single. The most appropriate three stars ever given.