Gabrielle - Every Little Teardrop

Matt Clutton 01/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

Record bosses at Universal might be stood banging their heads against brick walls wondering why their substantial investment towards Gabrielle's come back into the charts has been so unyielding. Under closer inspection the singer/ songwriter's initial release 'Why' was about as successful and profitable as the governments pitiful attempts at reducing drug addict numbers, or Amy Winehouse's attempts at actually making it to a gig.

With Gabrielle, the mystifying thing is that the quality is there for all to see. New track 'Every Little Teardrop' which deals with the defiant refusal to continue within a troubled relationship, is as soulful as ever and ticks all the right boxes. The best track on the album by far, it's a return to the diva's usual high standard.

Released 2nd December 2007