The Brothers Movement - Standing Still

Richard Wink 23/10/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Alas when the drums kick in I'm taken back to the moment when I first heard the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, these feisty Dubliners (no doubt clad in leather jackets) make a hazy racket that sozzles on the teat of Mother Rock. Hardly original, but unlike some of the other derivative dross I've heard this year, in The Brothers Movement we have an unoriginal band that can actually carry a tune.

The B-Side 'Lay Alone' actually completely trumps 'Standing Still'. Living in a psychedelic time capsule the track has great haunting overdubs that filter into the marching acoustic led groove, if I were the band I'd play switcheroo and actually attempt to force 'Lay Alone' down our throats because that song certainly has the most mileage.