The Acute - Demo

Bill Cummings 04/07/2005

Rating: 3/5

Scotland' the Acute enclosed a hand written letter to accompany this demo, it put me in mind of the desperate, bile filled missives drafted and sent off to the NME by Richey and Nicky the Manic street Preachers in the early Nineties. The Acute claim to be "the most beautiful thing in Scotland" then set about telling me how sickeningly mundane Scottish bands like "Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian" are, bit harsh me thinks. But you have to admire the guts, and pretension in a statement like "we are Scotland's first true androgynous band, we have nothing here" the desperation in their letter is tangible in a world where they are dismissed as "faggots" in their home town and ignored by a music press that chooses to "elevate idiots to sainthood."

So what of the demo itself well opener Abandon Forever is a furious early idlewild-esque slab of guitar glam rock, with a desperately angst filled chorus "Abandon Forever /I want to feel better" its bitter and biting and attempts to connect to the listener but is it really the era defining sound that their letter claims they have? I have my doubts.

Second track Impression of a person is probably the best thing here it stomps along in a early Manics style all fuzzed up guitars, and twisted vocals the central alienated question comes in the form of a question "Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so." This is an enjoyable enough glam romp even if it could be a tiny bit shorter.

Last up "Wonderful Mind" is a placebo style rocker, distorted guitars and a throbbing rhythm kick this little song along. This is not bad in a androgynous, introspective, teasing, alternative rock way ("I'm so scared of dying, I'm so vain, I believe that I need to leave sort of legacy behind.") Of particular note is the part when the vocals reach to a higher level and soar on the post chorus lyrical part "Its so easy now."

So a good demo, but worthy of a bile filled letter, full of hate desperation and a craving to be heard? I'm not sure yet. The Acute certainly have potential there aren't many unsigned UK acts producing this kind of sound anymore, and if they continue to plough a glam rock furrow with their bit of individuality and guts they may just get he attention they crave.