No Bra, These New Puritans - Minger (These New Puritans Remix)

Tiffany Daniels 19/03/2010

Rating: 1/5

No Bra is a name I am familiar with because of the extensive attention the likes of NME and Patrick Wolf once adorned upon their supposedly provoking transgender frontwoman Susanne Oberbeck. Of their music, I have no idea.

For that reason it's rather disconcerting that, instead of forwarding the original version of current single 'Minger' to the reviewing masses, No Bra and their PR company have decided to release These New Puritans' remix. It's made it unnecessarily hard to comment on the release at hand, although I suppose the assumption is we've already heard the original.

Well, I haven't, and from what I can tell from this remix, there's nothing to make me seek out the allusive track, let alone leap from my seat and proclaim a lost genius. The vocals are a mumbled recording of seemingly sporadic ideas; the kind of thing I shyly muttered into my tape recorder when I still harboured the unrealistic dream of becoming a world-renowned musician. Neither is it spoken-word; spoken-word is forceful, rousing, charismatic and sometimes threatening. This is the polar opposite of all factors concerned.

My review could be horribly unfair. These New Puritans could have butchered a marvellously low-key electro song, but I doubt it. The rattled tin drum in the background seems more a pathetic attempt to revive something that never lived.

Release Date: Out Now