The Modern - Industry

Emily Tartanella 20/02/2006

Rating: 2/5

Ladies and gentlemen, the Killers hangover has arrived. Sure, you thought the Bravery were tedious and stale; but at least “An Honest Mistake” had its moments. This whole trend was really a one night stand that turned into a full affair; as pleasant as “Mr.Brightside” was, it was never meant to last. Now The Modern show up four months (or 20 years) too late for this trend, with a piece of tried and true dance pop: full of glitzy hooks, catchy choruses, and a debt to Duran Duran. Too bad it's cheap, repetitive, and (worst of all) terribly dull. “Industry” sounds like a remix of itself, somehow, which is perhaps the most impressive thing about this song. Besides, synth-rock is so 2005.