Marylin Manson - Heart Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)

Laurence Ettridge 28/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

“Don't break, don't break my heart” signifies the shocking supreme return of Marilyn Manson. Having announced his retirement to pursue a directorial career not long ago, Heart-Shaped Glasses is a very welcome surprise for all Manson lovers. Although the eerie background chimes signify an interesting, slightly new direction for Manson, the song is still very much reminiscent of his glory days of Holy Wood and Antichrist Superstar.

Heart-Shaped Glasses is unlikely to win Manson many new fans or convert any of the swarms of indie kids that dominate the current mainstream, however, Manson has never been a mainstream artist. What Heart-Shaped Glasses does achieve is regaining Manson some credibility after the disappointing Golden Age of Grotesque album and re-establishes him with his old fans. The “God of Fuck” has returned, the key question now has to be is new album Eat Me, Drink Me going to be consistent enough to keep with the tone set by Heart-Shaped Glasses?

Released: 28/05/2007