Sound Of Guns - Alcatraz

Richard Wink 08/03/2010

Rating: 2.5/5

Opening with a riff that shamelessly appropriates 'Pretty Vacant', you'd not be wrong in thinking that Sound of Guns live up to the classic Liverpudlian stereotype of shamelessly committing petty theft. Then the drums kick in, and we head down that familiar road of crisp sounding, fist pumping arena rock.

For a new band, Sound of Guns sound too polished, they've got the sheen and professional veneer that they shouldn't really have until at least two albums into their careers. This is significant because already they sound too close to a number of established bands- The Enemy to name just one- who possess this unhappy knack of composing empty anthems that mean nothing. Comparing them to a band that has become a festival headliner, and arguably one of the more popular young rock bands in the country can also be deemed a positive, and 'Knots' the b-side is undoubtedly a far better song that affirms why Sound of Guns have been featured on Radio One playlists, the riffs that cut through the song are a little more abrasive and there appears to be genuine vibrancy evident in the chorus, perfect for the mainstream airwaves.

Toss a coin; you have both the good and the bad sides of arena rock. Ambition on display that can be both enthralling and empty.