Sia - Day Too Soon

Will Metcalfe 28/11/2007

Rating: 3/5

Aww isn't that nice, Sia's latest single 'Day Too Soon' is packaged in a sleeve that has been drawn on Microsoft Paint; this at first conjured an image of a nice chunk of twee indie pop. However, what lies beneath the cheery exterior is far more sinister; Sia is a singer songwriter in the vein of Norah Jones, true there are undeniable hints of Gabrielle in here too.

Now, how you view the previous sentence depends upon your tastes, it could be a delectable track full of heartfelt emotion and soul seeking. Or, if you're neither in your 40s or a cunt it will be tolerable Radio 2 music that you couldn't particularly give a two penny toss if it exists or not-just so long as you don't have to hear it again. This is perhaps overly harsh, Sia's vocals are rich and embracing and perhaps, if you have a horrendous break up to get over this would be comforting.

Similarly so the production of the track is the audio equivalent of Imperial Leather bubble bath, designed with the older consumer in mind it's pleasant enough and every so often you find yourself using it again.My main gripe is the safety of it all, but what the hell I guess everybody needs something a little more predictable every now and again. Just as you find yourself in the eyes of an ex you can't stand, this record will provide satisfaction followed by guilt. It's ok. I guess.