Forms Forms Forms - Ratta Tatta EP Sampler

Tim Miller 08/08/2007

Rating: 3/5

GIITTV have given these three lads some good press before, but it evidently isn't enough. There's no beating around the bush: Forms Forms Forms implore, through the accompanying press material to this sampler, the reviewer to give them a chance and propel their currently dawdling bandwagon on to pastures new.

Forms Forms Forms go back to basics, providing straightforward guitar pop with a sense of urgency and electricity in its atmosphere. Opener Three Drains harks back to early Blur in spirit, roaring through its sub-two minute length like a twister through north London. The chirpier A Light Within has a distinctly live, distinctly London feel to it, while Out Of Your Depth is an arresting assault of sketchy guitar, trashy drums and angry vocals.

With that said, the three-piece's claim to be unashamedly pop therefore doesn't hold as much water as they'd have you believe. Forms Forms Forms create guitar songs that don't try to be pretentious, or clever for clever's sake, just straight-up chords, drum and bass. What they lack, however, is the extra dimension to take them one way or the other. These three tracks show gritty and determined promise: but the secret to fulfilling it remains, for the moment, a mystery.