Music venue with more than meets the eye

Beckie Jordan 15/12/2007

One former student is Guy Chambers, who since completing the song writing workshops at The Stables as a child, has gone on to write 19 hit singles, sell 37 million albums and win 3 Ivor Novello awards with Robbie Williams. Other successful musicians include Dominic Miller (Sting's guitarist), Tommy Smith (one of Scotland's leading jazz musicians) and Christian Garrick (world renowned violinist).
As well as hosting live music by the likes of Jools Holland, Amy Whinehouse and Bob Geldof, music education is one of the core elements of The Stables work. With a 400 seat auditorium, Their 250 workshops a year encourage people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities to come together and create everything from Classical to rock ensembles. The Music Mites workshop for those aged 2-5 allows youngsters to meet with established musicians and learn more about the craft, while for the older ones, the National Youth Music Camps provide a fun environment for young musicians to learn and perform.
The Stables has also recently launched the Leverhulme Artist Programme which give 5 up-and-coming singer-songwriters the chance to have one-on-one lessons with top industry movers such as David Knopfler and Boo Hewerdine. The scheme also offers the opportunity to record an EP in the state of the art recording studio on site, along with the chance to perform in the new performance space, Stage 2. For those who prefer to be behind the desk, there are opportunities for lessons in mixing, techniques, recording, and mastering, in the Waves and Raves workshop. Even those of a more traditional ilk, can join in the Jazz Matters discussion group hosted by Sir John Dankworth, with chances to listen to, and discuss the best in the past and present jazz scene.
The Stables has established itself as one of the best hidden gems of the UK's music scene, and with vast amounts of funding and opportunities, is a great place for both past and up-and-coming musicians to join together to encourage each other to create great music for all to enjoy.

If you would like further information then check out The Stables website at www.stables.org