Peter Bjorn and John, Victoria Bergsman - Young Folks

Liam McGrady 17/09/2007

Rating: 5/5

Released a while back, as long as you're not a commercial R&B-monger you can't have failed to come across, and be enchanted by, 'Young Folks'. Like all the best Pop songs, it's just so damn simple. A fast paced, funky drum loop, the best whistling on record ever (so catchy that I've heard and seen old men in my street pursing their lips to replicate its melancholic melody), and some briskly shaken maracas. On top of this come call and response vocals from Peter and guest Victoria Bergsman - The Concretes frontwoman sounding tired and resigned yet still demure and sexy (“Usually when things have gone this far, people tend to disappear/No one will surprise me unless you do”).

I'm at a loss to sum this song up in any other way than saying its bloody lovely, and great, and brilliant; and that if you haven't heard it by now, your life is probably not as close to complete as those of us who have.

Watch the video here.

Re-released: 17/09/07