The Dykeenies - New Ideas

Tim Miller 09/04/2007

Rating: 2/5

The last of the four bands to really push on from their appearance on last winter's NME Rock 'n' Roll Riot tour - the others were The Horrors, Fratellis and Maccabees - The Dykeenies re-release their single New Ideas that last summer earned them a signing to Lavolta Records, in a bid to garner the support of the sort of audiences those tour buddies have since gained.

The five-piece from near Glasgow received glowing reviews of their EP “Waiting for Go”, but it is the song that merited radio support form Steve Lamacq that they go with their first full commercial release. Tight, crunchy guitars and a solid, forceful beat, the sometimes plaintive tone in vocalist Brian Henderson's voice as he implores Never forgive me hints at the stylings of another Brian, Molko of Placebo fame, and it is perhaps no surprise that producer Dimitri Tikovoi who worked on this track here has also worked with Placebo in the past.

The chorus is a driving, memorable OK Go-like rock affair, Henderson (one of three brothers in this band, in fact) yelling I've got a wealth of new ideas! in what turns out to be a festival ready anthem just waiting for an excuse to drop. It's good, it's catchy, but the trouble is, despite this re-release's obvious appeal, there are an awful lot of bands with a good enough guitar sound to make a splash this summer, and if The Dykeenies really do have a wealth of new ideas up their sleeves, they would do well to dispense with some of them to a wider public before too long.