Flip Skateboards - Extremely Sorry Soundtrack

Richard Wink 05/12/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

If you've played one of the Tony Hawk video games then you may well have come across Geoff Rowley, a pro skateboarder from Liverpool that made it big stateside. Showcasing the Flip Skateboard crew Extremely Sorry is just another Skateboard Movie and probably one only for the purists; however the soundtrack is worth investigating since it features Lemmy from Motörhead singing 'Stand By Me'.

Snappily edited footage required an engrossing soundtrack to capture moments, since really that is what Skateboard films are all about, recording the skill and athleticism, that one trick that is perfectly executed after dozens of attempts, the gnarly fall that opens up a nasty wound reminiscent of a goat's vagina. So Rowley invited on board producer DJ Baron to record specific tracks for each segment of the film.

The majority of the soundtrack features adrenaline pumping soundscapes, in the DJ Shadow meets 65 Days of Static mould. Adding into the mix Lemmy's cover song, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo's drum solo and appearances from Black Mountain, Snoop Dog and Warren G and you have an eclectic, energetic mix.

To get a feel for this soundtrack you really need the accompanying footage, so to compensate for having not seen the film I watched a few YouTube videos of Geoff Rowley and co. And yes, Baron's compositions compliment the wheels in motion, the assorted jumps and the tricks. This is a slick soundtrack, but it is probably advisable to check out the film before you acquire it.