The Black Lips - I'll be With You

Miss Fliss 19/05/2009

Rating: 4.5/5

Now this I like. The scratchy production gives a 60s vinyl edge which really suits the song. I'll be With You has a real slow, easy groove that cannot fail to win you over. Granted, the vocals are possibly an acquired taste, a little wailing, but they take us right back in time impeccably and I'm okay with that. The Black Lips have released stuff on Bomp! Records over the years, too, which ought to give you an indication of their sound. Nice shaky home camcorder look to the video which fits in with the overall style too, with The Black Lips members capering around in party mode, captured on faintly sepia film. The Kills might want to take note and make a return to form in favour of those clicks and hip slick beats they've been revelling in lately. This is simple old-school 1960s rock and roll with golden guitar strumming and lilting sweet singing shot through with a tinge of innocence and yearning, a real winner.

I'll be With You is out now.

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