Laura Critchley - What Do We Do

Matt Churchill 18/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

With the voice of an angel dipped in particularly sweet stardust, Laura Critchley releases her second single, the anthemic 'What Do We Do' on the Big Print label. A wonderfully gifted singer, Laura has caught the attention of such pop heavy weights as Robbie Williams, with whom she has recorded three tracks, apparently set for his next album and the Sugababes, who are fans of her sound.

The track is set to launch Laura Critchley into the big wide musical world and bring her to the nation's attention. The song opens with a soft vocal that sits neatly on top of a warmly played piano before the drums slide in accompanied by guitars and a simple but effectively constructed bass line. The middle eight is sure to set flag wavers off, a not-too-cliched guitar solo acts as a break before Laura launches into her final chorus which sets the goosebumps off with a bang.

Extremely talented and pretty too, Laura has the potential to break into a pop chart dominated by singer songwriters who are all surface and no substance; Laura seems set to buck that trend. Laura's debut album is released on the 19th November.

Released 12th November 2007