Wild Beasts, Gonjasufi, Stornoway, The Twilight Sad, The Heartbreaks - Singles Roundup 22/03/2010

Simon Jay Catling 23/03/2010

Far from it for me to be the grumpy sort, but I'm in fact rather grumpy as I petulantly kick this week's bag of singles with my scuffed trainers, shoulders slouched and hands in pockets. It's imperative then that the contents of this virtual bag appeases me this eve, and it should what with those feisty Cumbrian Wild Beasts in tow. If not though, I dread to think just how much higher Hayden's voice may go…

But first, some of our reviewers have run the rule over a couple of releases with far more guile than my hastily stumbled upon clauses could ever manage. Have a browse whilst I root through this singles bag most foul…

Damien*- Unaware Unaware (Disk Errors)

“…they must forget their peers, and not get their aspirations so bound up in previous musicians' success.” Read the full review here.

My Luminaries- Parasol (Cottage Industries)

“There are clear leanings towards James, with a swaying full-bodied sound that meanders then rises to a peak.” Read the full review < a href=%e2%80%9chttp_/www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk/content/content_detailcb19.html?id=4218&type=Singles”>here.

No Machine- Toast The Toaster (Arion Records)

“Sometimes you are baffled by a band. You wonder, are these people deaf? Or are they just on a different planet to the rest of us?” Read the full review here.

And so as the single bag opens, the only band bold, nay, brazen enough to step into the fray are of course those beautifully fearless beasts, The Twilight Sad. Long ago over the fact that essentially an inferior copycat version of themselves reached mainstream recognition first (o hai Glasvegas), the rousing Scottish five-piece have carried on doing what they do best- namely knocking abrasive shoegaze anthems out for fun, whilst instilling them all with the beautiful juxtaposition of a fragile heart. 'The Room' (Fatcat Records) is just one such beast. It's fair to say if they ever met Stornoway down a dark alley they'd brutally devour the lightweight folkies before turning any brandished implement on themselves. In a couple months Stornoway's 'I Saw You Blink' (4AD) is going to sound great, odd Celtic accents (they're from Oxford) not withstanding. Also to file under 'one for the summer' is the early-60s beach pop of Allo' Darlin; there were reservations about this one in some quarters (oh wait, I do this by myself don't I..) what with the Pipettes Monster Bobby getting in on the act, but 'Darlin' (Fortuna Pop) is in fact a delightfully lazy amble. Infectious too I should add, oh is it infectious. Yes, it is.

Happiness isn't abounding though, not when The Ex fancy giving us yet another stab at post-punk. Yeah 'Maybe I Was The Pilot'(Terp) is all beefed up and menacing looking, but then so's Titus Bramble and look how easy it is to pick holes in him (very easy, for those not in the know.) The Heartbreaks aren't doing too much for me either, 'Liar, My Dear' (Seven Sevens) has NME Radio rotation written all over it, testament I guess to the young chaps' way around a catchy enough jangly pop tune, and though the first album's likely to be pleasant enough you wonder how much they can expand this sound. Food for thought. Gonjasufi's 'Kobwebz' (Warp) wins most “out there” single of the week, a queasy swirl of Indian sitar, dubby vocals and trip hop beats; it's quite wonderful actually, and had almost snagged the single of the week…

…but for those aforementioned feisty Cumbrians that is. A recent survey not done by scientists in white coats and stethoscopes found that Wild Beasts are officially on what the egghead world would call “a roll.” 'We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues' (Domino) is yet another seductive groove of a tune from the four-piece, an understated pop gem delicious in dynamic and easy on the feet. Christ, they could turn me, and I couldn't be straighter if I was sitting around in a string vest, swigging Newcastle Brown Ale and steeling myself for another day down the coal mines. Which I am (minus the coal mine bit.) Until next time readers!