Billy Talent - Devil In A Midnight Mass

Kev Eddy 12/06/2006

Rating: 3/5

'Oh my God. Emo meets cock rock. It's like my ears are bleeding and I want to complain about it. On a blog. Please, take it away.'

That would be the lazy review. Yes, every logical fibre in my being suggests to me that I should revile this piece of incredibly commercial dancefloor pap - I can hear the sales pitch now. Stuck for something to bridge the gap between Taking Back Sunday and Lostprophets? HEEEEEERE'S BILLY TALENT! IDEAL for the emo hour at a Friday night ROCK night for the under-16s!

But I love it. I can tell you now - when it comes to that beer-soaked sweaty moment in a dingy club, I'll be swinging around the floor yelling 'Silent nights! For the rest of my life!' with the dark-dyed scene kids. It's about as deep as a puddle, but, just like jumping in a puddle, fabulous instant gratification. See you in the pit…