Ian Brown - Stellify

Hugh Worskett 28/09/2009

Rating: 0/5


1.To transform a person or thing into a star or constellation.

2. To place among the stars.

On his latest single Ian Brown claims to possess an ability to turn people into stars and put them in space. Unlikely, I suspect, but if true I'm hoping he decides to stellify himself. It wouldn't be hard - he's half way there already being the big ball of noxious gas that he is. All he needs to do is set himself on fire and fuck off to another galaxy. Then I'd be happy. Laws of the universe applied, at least we'd be safe in the knowledge he'd be constantly moving further away.

Brown is obviously pleased to have discovered such an uncommon word as 'stellify', so much so that, like a small child learning to talk, he insists on saying it repeatedly over this non-entity of a track. Actually that's another word you might like Ian: 'non-entity'. Why don't you repeat that over and over some piss-poor chords and release it as a single? Then at least no one could accuse you of claiming to be something you're not.