Blacklands - Bring It On Down/Sleeping Diamond

Beckie Jordan 12/03/2008

Rating: 4/5

Blacklands truly have an air of difference surrounding them. This double A side acoustic offering of melodic songwriting and introspective vocals takes you back to the days of classical European decadence with violins, bass and guitars, and copious amounts of alcohol.

In some ways, Bring It On Down/Sleeping Diamond are musical equivelents of unorthadox film maker David Lynch, invoking dreamlike states and surreal images. This isn't a bad thing, unless you were never a fan of Lynch or surrealism. Vocally unsettling yet enticing, Blacklands have certainly thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to making vital and orginal music.

Clearly influenced by the likes of Nick Cave, Neil Young and The Velvet Underground, Blacklands seem to have taken their que from the masters and injected a new breath of life into the deeper, darker musical scene. Blacklands seem to be poised on the edge of good things, and with tracks like Bring It On Down/Sleeping Diamond it is clear to see why.
Relase date 15th April.