John Zealey - Dave? Funny Name For A Girl

Sam Floy 06/01/2001

Rating: 3/5

John Zealey comes across as a pretty wacky guy, Dr Bunhead from Brainiac springs to mind, regardless of appearance though his music is easy on the ear and consciously toe-tapping.

“Dave? Funny Name For A Girl” - funny name for a song as well and it is as entertaining as the title suggests with choppy lyrics and guitars along with adopting an almost playground whinge - “Funny name for a girrrllll” - completing the chorus. Zealey's rhythm flows throughout all three songs on this EP never dwelling or getting stuck in possible complication he just keeps on playing in true slightly-off-the-middle-of-the-road style. It would be realistic of me to suggest that his music would only be confined to perhaps Radio 2 as the songs he produced here, though sound lyrically and musically, would no probably appeal to younger ears instead the EP would be right up the street of a reminiscent late night closet rocker who needs to be entertained but also appreciate the easy going melodies and the occasional harmonic “Ooh Ooh Ooooh”.

“Dave? Funny name for a girl”, “Progress has stopped” and “Moment is now” are the three that appear on this EP the last of which is Zealey having a stab at a slower, more droned track, “How does it feel?” the chosen line articulate and repeat with sincerity. Zealey's never going to hit the headlines or top the charts but he is more than capable in succeeding to produce likeable rhythmic music like he does here.