Jaguar Love - Take Me To The Sea

Alex Skinner 22/07/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

The Jaguar Love flock hail from the mean streets of Portland where they have broken through the alternative punk pop scene in a barrage of style. This their first album is right on course to make big waves being released through Matador records.

From a stint supporting the Queens of the Stone Age in the past, Jaguar Love let loose 'Take me to the sea'. The album consists of complex song structures that simply blow ones mind with the integration of raw fast pace riffs and obscurely emotive artistry. Every track flows in the right direction, alas, like the mighty Euphrates.

The domineering 'Highways of Gold' immediately gushes audacity early on for the creative alt. rockers. This introductory tune has the structured capabilities to be swirling around your head for days on end. 'Georgia' also rises beyond the call of duty serving as a centre-piece for the album. Batten down the hatches as 'Antione and Birdskulls' drips guitar rock decadence and a flashy chorus hook to boot. Bearing into 'Bone Trees and a Broken Heart' that breezes in gently with a tickling baseline doing the track justice.

If we delve deeper, some elements are afloat. At points the chipmunk-esque voice of Johnny Whitney squealing off the Richter scales makes you scurvy. Riding high with more crests and barley a trough in sign, Jaguar Love have provided a dazzling display. Sterling work gents.