Alfie - Where Did Our Loving Go?

Clark Summers 19/09/2005

Rating: 2/5

Older readers of G.I.I.T.T.V. may remember a time way back in 2000 when Mancunian's Alfie were being touted as the next big thing in British music. Alas The Strokes quickly followed by The Libertines and a plethora of leather jacket wearing, Converse sporting clones came along and kicked the New Acoustic Movement along with Alfie in to touch. Flourishing on the margins somewhat and inspite of commercial indifference it's a remarkable feat that the band have gone on to release four albums. Latest single “Where Did Our Loving Go?” won't set the world on fire sadly being as it is a rather slight ballad a la Embrace - all sweeping strings and hazy vocals. Hindered by the lack of a truly anthemic chorus and the kind of waltzing tempo that could lull even Radio 2 listeners to sleep it's hard to imagine anyone shelling out their hard earned cash for this rather anaemic sounding single.