James Blunt - I Really Want You

Alisha Ahmed 04/08/2008

Rating: 2/5

"I Really Want You" is the fourth single extracted from the sophomore studio album by James Blunt. Unlike the previous three singles from "All the lost Souls", this one has been released as a digital release only, and in a new re-edited version significally different from the one fetured in the album.

The vocals here are much stronger than the ones on the album version -in fact, I can say they're totally newly recorded- which is kind of unusual for the soft faint voice Blunt got us used to. Some sort of electronic background effects have been added, but altough the beat is more catchy this way than the original one (making this one of the rare example of a radio edit that is made longer than its corresponding album version) it surely can't turn this ballad into some sort of rocky song. The piano and acoustic guitar sounds, so typical in Blunt's style, are left out of the spotlight in this version in favour of a more dance-y beat which probably aims to give the song some sort or summer-ish feeling to it.

Even if more rhytm-oriented, this stays nonetheless a typical Blunt song in Blunt style, which his fans will surely like, though in terms of wide audience I'm quite sure the first 2 singles 1973 and Same Mistake definitely reached out more than this will do.

The thing is, even if the style is quite even through all the songs Blunt released so far, he might give a thought to the fact that, it's not necessarily good to take out all the singles you can from an album just because all the songs in it follow pretty much the same lines, and the if first singles extracted have done good then you should profit as much as you can from it, as this looks actually what the audience wants right now.

There's always a need for something new and undiscovered, for an experimental courage, which James Blunt hasn't shown us so far.