Jokers Daughter - Lucid

Richard Wink 31/08/2009

Rating: 1/5

Danger Mouse is usually a pretty accurate identifier of quality, when his name is associated with a project usually you would assume it is going to be the cat's pyjamas. Collaborating with waifish relatively unknown folk singer Helena Costas on a project curiously titled Joker's Daughter seems an unlikely next move for Mr Mouse and when you actually hear the song it seems like an unnecessary one.

I may be all folked out this year, God knows I've endured an awful lot of it, but 'Lucid' leaves me throwing my hands up in the air and proclaiming “Not Another Folk Song!” The song has a queasy rhythm, leaving you breathless, but after sticking two fingers down your own throat; frantic like getting chased through several acres of clover fields by demented axe wielding elves. The mix of traditional folk arrangements and artificial electronics just doesn't work. The samples seem to jar, old clashes with new.

As a single 'Lucid' is a disappointment, I suppose you've got to assume that the album contains a lot better.

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